What is Autism? Whether you are looking into or have already received a diagnosis of Autism, it can feel overwhelming. You may have never noticed the light, sound, texture, food, or other sensitivities. Wanting to play alone all the time seemed normal because of not wanting to socialize with others. Obsessions and fascinations, that typically last several months or more, were no big deal because of always moving on to the next one at some point. “Black and white” thinking was always chalked up to just not being able to think “outside the box.” Poor communication skills were again just thought to be part of the package. Family members were always frustrated and did not know what was wrong. All of these and more are very common when dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Being diagnosed with Autism does not have not to impact you negatively. People with Autism can live fulfilling and meaningful lives. It is about learning the tools and skills that can help lead to success.

Having an advocate, such as myself, is also important in helping children and families navigate through the process. I’m a Certified Autism Specialist and have been working with children, teens, and adults (on the Spectrum) and their families for several years. Whether it’s doing therapy, advocating in the school and community settings, or educating the family on the diagnosis, I help cover all the bases in order to help yourself or your loved one achieve success.

Therapy will help you learn many new skills, including socialization, maintaining friendships & other relationships, increasing ability to gain & maintain employment, increasing ability to express feelings in a healthy manner, seeking positive outlets, & much more.


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