“John Cutrone is a highly qualified counselor and certified autism specialist. He is very professional and truly cares about my teen son. We have been seeing John for almost a year now. My high functioning son is able to talk to him and trust him. I am confident as long as John keeps working with my son, he will continue to progress. He has been a lifesaver to us as a family. I highly recommend John if you have a child on the autism spectrum.” ~A.A.


“If you’re looking for a mental health counselor in south Florida, I cannot say enough amazing things about John Cutrone! I have been a Christian all my life with a very active church/prayer life as well as a very physically fit person with a very active gym/yoga life, both of which tremendously aided in keeping a stable mental homeostasis. However, when life’s hills grew steeper and valleys lower, I found myself in a severely isolated, depressed and extremely difficult daily life where I had NO idea how to put one foot in front of the other while emotions, stress and guilt surrounded me in my romantic relationships, work life, and family ties. I discovered that the abundant negative thoughts and strangling fears couldn’t stay internalized any longer; I decided to search my insurance plan for a therapist in my area and stumbled upon John, sending him an email right away. We met that week at his office in Boca (which is in such a beautiful clean building with very friendly staff). After the first session, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders that I had never imagined could be removed. An outsider’s perspective to my struggles was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the quick sand, a perspective specifically driven by an education on mental health (something I found out is SO important to having a healthy life). John is a tremendous Mental Health Counselor, a great listener, who exudes empathy while maintaining great communication to help his clients take HUGE STRIDES in the healthy, right direction. He is patient and understanding. John will teach you how to understand what is happening in your life and how to properly make the adjustments to avoid the overwhelming feelings. John is a gift to the Mental Health Counseling world, and I will forever recommend his services to everyone and anyone I can! Do not let your mental health take a back seat, allow John, someone with the knowledge and the resources, help you and free you of your internal challenges. THANK YOU JOHN!!” ~V.C.


“We met John about a year & a half ago. Our son was having trouble in school and was diagnosed with ADD. After hearing the potential side effects of the medication his pediatrician recommended, we decided to go another route. After meeting John and his first few sessions with our son, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our choice. After only a couple of months in, we already started seeing results. Our son’s teacher was amazed at his transformation and told us that she’d never seen anything like it. Our son absolutely loves him and so do we. He looks forward to his visits. John is an amazing individual and genuinely cares about his patients more than most doctors do! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing mental health services.” ~ V.D.


“Out of all the therapists my autistic stepson has seen over the past several years, John Cutrone is the one I would honestly recommend above the others. John is a kind and understanding person who clearly cares about his clients. My wife and I are starting to see results with regards to my stepson’s behavior, and are looking forward to even greater results in the future. Thank you, John!” ~ L.D.


“John, is a true professional and wonderful person. He truly cares about people and treats others with dignity and respect. Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, tells us to “Act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a means, but always at the same time as an end.” John, takes this to heart and is truly an ethical person. I would recommend him to anyone.” ~M.G.


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