Why is it difficult to stop abusing drugs or alcohol? One of the most difficult addictions to quit is that of abusing substances. This occurs for multiple reasons, including: not having the support systems needed in order to put better coping strategies in place. A lot of times parents or other family members will enable the addiction by continuing to allow the person to use and/or providing them with the money to continue to purchase the drugs/alcohol. In addition, the person with the addiction has to be willing to explore unresolved issues, which initially caused the addiction, such as a form or abuse, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Symptoms of abusing substances include: impacted functioning in daily life, such as not being able to get or maintain employment, constantly thinking about using, manipulating others into allowing you to use, experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not being able to use, not accepting responsibility and blaming others, and much more.



One of the most difficult issues to overcome is addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The importance of recognizing and admitting you need help is a powerful step in the right direction. When using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with life’s stressors, it could be time to consider going to therapy in order to utilize more positive coping mechanisms, which produce longer term results.


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